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Spring 2022 Registrations are now open
Hopefully everyone had a good Summer and a great Thanksgiving.
As MYBL opens up registration for the upcoming 2022 Youth Baseball season, we want to make all participants aware of changes to player age alignment to each division.
In order to align ourselves better with Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball our division age groups are being adjusted. We are making it easier to decide which division your player belongs in by having the age groups line up with school grades. Not only should this be easier for parents, but there should be more opportunity for players to play with their classmates.
Further, we are introducing a “swing player” option for the players born in the months of May, June, July & August. The Swing Player option allows players born in these months to decide what division they prefer to play in. Players and parents can better determine the experience they are looking for to balance appropriate ability with the opportunity to play with classmates. 
Division/Age Groups:
Babe Ruth - Grades 7th, 8th & 9th – Ages 13,14,15 
Majors - Grades 5th & 6th - Ages 11 & 12 
Minors - Grades 3rd & 4th - Ages 9 & 10 
AAA – Grade 2 - Age 8 – **This is a full player pitch division
Rookie - K & Grade 1 - Ages 6 & 7 
TBALL - Pre-K & K - Ages 4 & 5
Swing Player Option
The league will allow the parents of any player whose birthday falls in the months of May, June, July or August to decide the division their participant will play in. 
As an example – A player who turns 10 in August and going into 5th Grade
- Option 1 – Play in Minors as a 10 yo
- Option 2 – Play in Majors as a rising 5th grader
For the tournament season, Parents will also decide on which age group the player try’s out for & participates. A player can only participate on one age group tournament team in any given year.
MYBL Fields:
Babe Ruth - MHS V, JV & Grace Ryder 90’
Majors - Rec 2 & Rec 3
Minors - Rec 1 & Rec 2 (Rec 3 if needed)
AAA - Grace Ryder 60 also Rec fields as needed
Rookie - Eames Way, Daniel Webster
TBall - South River
If you have any question feel free to contanct me.
Happy Holidays!

by posted 12/09/2021
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